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We are a leading clinic offering streamlined access to cannabis through our quick and hassle-free 420 evaluations.

The Basics

What to expect with a 420 evaluation?

If you are planning to use cannabis for your health, you might be wondering how the entire thing works. Well, a 420 evaluation is simply a process to check your eligibility to use cannabis for health. There is nothing complex. The process is simple and convenient. It starts with a prequalification form where you need to enter your details. This includes general information along with your health history. The clinic evaluates your details and links you to a certified cannabis doctor. The entire evaluation happens via video call. We have a HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform, which means that the connection is secure and your details are safe. The doctor interacts with you and tries to understand your health issues. He might ask you some questions to analyze your health in a better way. The entire aim of this process is to check if you have a qualifying medical condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis. If you qualify, you are eligible to own a medical marijuana card and use can use it to access cannabis.


We offer everything you need

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us and we do everything in our capacity to make your experience smooth and hassle-free. Our attention to detail and compassionate care separates us from the rest.

Certified Doctors

Our team of certified cannabis doctors in San Clemente offers in-depth advice about using cannabis for your health. We help you figure out a dose that works effectively in managing your health condition.

Time Saving

We understand the value of your time and want to give you quickest access to MMJ cards. The nature of the process ensures that you don’t have to wait much. If you have a qualifying medical condition, we send the recommendation via email within minutes and ship the hard copy on the same day.


We understand that you value your privacy and want to ensure that we care for you. Our HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform ensures all your credentials are safe and we don’t share your information with any third party. Your trust matters to us and we take every possible measure to maintain it.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If your evaluation leads to the conclusion that you’re not eligible, we refund the full amount instantly. Our clinic only charges if you qualify and covers every patient through a 100% money-back guarantee. Rest assured that your money is in safe hands.


We’re the best!

San Clemente Simple 420 Recs is a leader in providing patients with quick and affordable access to medical cannabis recommendations. The use of cannabis has evolved over the years and it’s great that more people are finally trusting the herb. The road to legalization was not easy and there were various challenges in the process. Well, it’s great that patients can earn the right to use cannabis through valid recommendations. We have believed in the medicinal power of the herb and have closely observed the effects it offers. This equips us with the expertise to educate you about the benefits it offers and help you dose safely. Using cannabis is about following the right approach and we ensure you are aware of it. Our board-certified doctors use the latest scientific research as a tool to offer you the best form of advice. We believe that with the right guidance, you can use cannabis effectively for your health. To make the process smooth for you, we offer you active support at each step and ensure you face minimum hassles. Our entire staff is trained to pay attention to detail and offer the most compassionate care possible. We have helped hundreds of patients dive into better health through our expertise. In fact, unmatched services have pitched us as one of the best 420 clinics in California. Our BBB (A+) status speaks volumes about our work. The cannabis industry is projected to rise more in the future and we want to bank on the full potential of the herb. So, if you’re planning to use cannabis for health, we are your best bet.


Dive into the benefits of a cannabis recommendation

More Savings

A cannabis recommendation helps you save more while purchasing cannabis. Recreational users need to pay taxes and this makes sourcing the herb expensive for them. The same does not apply to MMJ cardholders and they can save up to 25% more on cannabis expenditure.

Wider Access

Recreational users can access only a limited number of products. With an MMJ card, you access better quality products from the state-certified dispensaries. These stores source their products from certified growers. So, the quality is top-notch and products are more potent.

You can possess more

If you have an MMJ card, you can possess up to 8oz of plant material. This is 8 times the limit for recreational users. A higher possession limit means that you can ensure a longer supply of cannabis and use it to manage your health effectively.

Higher Possession Limit

Recreational users can grow only up to 6 cannabis plants. Well, with a cannabis recommendation, the limit substantially increases. You can grow up to 100 square feet of cannabis plants and use the produce to manage your health condition. So, earn the right to grow freely.

Legal Access

With an MMJ card, you get the legal right to access cannabis. This means that you possess, grow, and travel with cannabis without any danger of getting arrested. The law protects you and you indulge in a safer and better cannabis experience.

Lower Age Limit

Recreational users need to be at least 21 years of age to access cannabis. Well, the same does not apply to cannabis cardholders. If you have a card, you can reduce the age limit to be just 18 years. You can get evaluated and the doctors can approve your request for an MMJ card if you qualify.

Great service! The entire staff is pretty professional and I didn’t have to face any problem in getting my MMJ card. The process was quick and I was able to get a good deal!


Commonly Asked Questions

It’s natural to have questions. Well, we encourage our customers to interact with us to gain a better understanding of the process. Feel free to ask questions. Our experts will get back to you in no time.
If you don’t qualify, we refund the full amount without any delay. All our patients are covered by a 100% money-back guarantee.
Yes, our clinic runs on a HIPAA compliant telemedicine software that keeps all your valuable data completely safe.
Yes, just contact us 30 days before your card expiry and we will guide you through the process.
If you want to get legal access to the herb, getting a medical marijuana card is important. It serves as proof that you need cannabis for managing your health conditions.
Yes, chronic pain qualifies as a medical condition for getting an MMJ card. Contact us for more details about the evaluation process.

price plans

Select a plan that suits you

Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

Regularly $49
Get back to us for a marijuana renewal at least 30 days before the expiry date of your last mmj card
Extend your validity for another year.

MMJ Recommendations + ID Card

Regularly $90
You will get a digital copy and a physical medical marijuana card.
Get one-year validity to buying from any state-licensed marijuana dispensaries.

New Patient's Recommendation

Regularly $69.99
Yearly You will get a digital copy of a medical marijuana card.
Get one-year validity for accessing medical marijuana products for your medical condition.

California MMJ Growers License

Regularly $300
Extend your growing limits to approximately 100 square feet.
You can grow quality medical marijuana strains for managing your medical condition.